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UTEC USA LLC (hereinafter – «the Contractor») offers any physical or legal person to receive services for international express delivery of Goods purchased by a physical or legal person from the Seller in accordance with the provisions of this Public Accession Agreement. This Public Contract (hereinafter referred to as the Contract) is concluded by means of unconditional and full acceptance with physical or legal persons (hereinafter referred to as the "Customer") of the Public contract and includes all essential conditions for the delivery of goods ordered online in the Contractor's system.

UTEC USA LLC, will use reasonable best efforts to prevent any fraudulent use of UTEC USA LLC. UTEC USA LLC, works diligently to prevent credit card fraud and cancels any accounts engaged in such activity and returns the merchandise to the merchant. UTEC USA LLC, requires documentation to ensure against fraud, such as requiring copies of identification and credit cards. UTEC USA LLC customers are solely liable for accurately providing all information required by United States' laws and regulations, including information on the value or export classification of merchandise, and for maintaining all records as required under law. Civil or criminal penalties may be imposed by the U.S. Government for making false or fraudulent statements with respect to this information.

The terms of this Agreement govern the relationship of the Customer and the Contractor (collectively - the "Parties"). The part, not regulated by this Agreement, will be governed by U.S. law.

  1. SUBJECT OF THE AGREEMENT 1.1. The Contractor undertakes to organize delivery of the goods to the Customer, acquired by the Customer on his own at the international shopping platforms and delivered to the customer USA address. The Customer shall pay for services rendered to him here-under. 1.2. The date of the agreement and the time of full and unquestioned acceptance of the terms of the Agreement is the fact of registration on the "EasyGet" mobile app.

1.3. Basic concepts and definitions of terms: A public contract is a contract that contains the rules and conditions for the provision of services, which establishes the same conditions for the provision of these services for all Clients. The Client is a physical or legal entity that concluded a Contract with the Executor. 1.4. The date of conclusion of the Agreement and the moment of full and unquestionable acceptance by the Client of the terms of this Agreement is the date of registration (creation of an account) of the Client on the "EasyGet" mobile app. 1.5. By concluding the Agreement, the Client unconditionally agrees to the full acceptance of the provisions of the Agreement, all other appendices, which are an integral part of the Agreement. 1.6. Before registering on the "EasyGet" app, the Client must familiarize himself with the terms of this Agreement and all sections in"EasyGet" mobile app. 1.7. If the Client does not agree with at least one of the clauses of the Agreement or its annexes, other conditions specified in "EasyGet"mobile app, then the Client does not have the right to use the Services, register on the Contractor's mobile app.

  1. ORDERING INFORMATION AND PAYMENT. 2.1. The Client provides the Contractor with a postal address for the purpose of fulfilling the Client's orders, including for the delivery of parcels with goods that the Client purchased independently at the international shopping platforms, or which were purchased on behalf (by order and instruction) and at the expense of the Client by the Contractor, as well as for any other postal items from third parties. 2.2. The contractor organizes the delivery of parcels according to the tariffs and prices specified in "EasyGet"mobile app. 2.3. To provide services, the Contractor has the right, without the additional consent of the Client, to involve third parties: postal, courier services and others. 2.4. The Client is informed, understands and consents to the fact that the Contractor has the right to record phone calls between the Contractor's employees and the Client, to ensure security. 2.5. The list of services provided by the Contractor to the Client under this Agreement is specified in the "EasyGet"mobile app. 2.6. The Contractor has the right to involve third parties at his own discretion to fulfill his obligations to the Client and/or the Client's instructions, and also has the right to independently, without additional notification to the Client, choose or change the mode of transport, the route of transportation, the order of transportation of the shipment in the name of the Client and /or parcels with goods in the name of the Client. 2.8. By signing this Agreement the Customer confirms that he is familiar with the list of goods banned for export as well as customs restrictions of the USA.
  2. THE RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF THE PARTIES. 3.1. Contractor is obliged to: The terms of this Agreement; To carry out the orders of the Customer in the manner prescribed by this Agreement. 3.2. The Contractor has the right to: Unilaterally suspend the provision of services under this Agreement in the event of a breach of this Agreement by the Customer. The Customer shall: Make timely payments for his orders under the terms of this Agreement; More information on the provision of services by the Contractor is posted in the mobile application of the Contractor; See a list of items prohibited for export or must be accompanied by the export license issued by the U.S. State Department. Customer has the right to: Require the Contractor to adequately provide services under this Agreement
  3. COST OF SERVICES AND PROCEDURE OF CALCULATIONS 4.1. Information about the total cost of services is displayed in the Client's personal account after ordering services. 4.2. The cost of the Contractor's services is determined in each case individually, taking into account current tariffs. 4.3. The cost of delivery services is calculated based on the actual (physical) weight of the Shipment in the form in which the Shipment was delivered to the Contractor's warehouse, i.e. in the Seller's packaging. 4.4. The Client also compensates the Contractor for taxes paid by the Contractor, if such were provided by the Contractor on behalf and/or instructions of the Client. 4.5. Tariffs and the amount of compensation may be changed by the Contractor unilaterally. 4.6. The contractor has the right to provide discounts on services and implement loyalty programs. The types of discounts, bonuses, other savings, the order and terms of their accrual may be changed unilaterally. 4.7. All bank commissions for transferring funds to the Contractor's account are paid by the Client in full.
  4. RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PARTIES. 5.1. Parties are responsible for failure or improper performance under this Agreement in the manner provided in this Agreement and according to the U.S. law. 5.2. The Contractor could not be held financially responsible for the goods delivered without Customer’s name on the box, Customers ID (account number) or without tracking number of the courier service in the United States registered in the Customer’s account. 5.3. Contractor shall not be responsible for the quality and quantity of the goods. 5.4. In the case of force majeure, the parties are released from the conditions of this Agreement. Under force majeure, refer to the events of an extraordinary, inevitable and unpredictable nature which exclude or hinder the implementation of the objective of the Agreement, the occurrence of which the Parties could not foresee and prevent reasonable measures. 5.5. The Contractor is not responsible for the actions of third parties and related services used to provide services to the Client 5.6. The contractor is not responsible for the delivery time and quality of delivery of goods from the sender. 5.7. The Contractor is not responsible for the quality and completeness of the goods received in his warehouse, and also does not provide a guarantee for the goods purchased by the Client. 5.8. The contractor does not check the product for compliance with the characteristics declared by the seller and, in the event of an error by the seller, is not responsible for the non-compliance of the product with the description on the seller's website. 5.9. The contractor is not responsible for the parcels, if the Client has provided incomplete or inaccurate information about the goods. Lack of product description, unspecified or deliberately understated value of the product, etc. 5.10. The executor is not responsible for the filling of parcels, actions or inaction of the sender. 5.11. The contractor is not responsible for damaged goods inside the package, if the package was delivered without corresponding external damage to the package. 5.12. The executor is not responsible for observing the temperature regime during the transportation of parcels. 5.13. The contractor is not responsible for any damages resulting from the use or inability to use the site, including damages caused by virus programs or any inaccuracy of information contained on the site. 5.14. The Contractor is not responsible for the hacking of the Client's mail, personal account, accounts, etc., as well as for the use of the Client's phone by third parties. 5.15. The Client is responsible for the authenticity of the documents provided by him and the reliability of the information provided to the Contractor. 5.16. The Client is responsible for damage caused to the Contractor, including compensation for lost profit, in case of non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of this contract. 5.17. In case of failure to provide, incomplete provision of information, documents and information, deception, the Client bears full responsibility for such actions, indemnifies all damages caused to the Contractor. In such a case, the executor is released from responsibility for non-fulfillment/improper fulfillment of the terms of this Agreement, and the agreement is terminated unilaterally, the funds paid to the Client are not returned.
  5. DURATION OF THE AGREEMENT 6.1. The date of conclusion of the Agreement and the moment of full and unquestionable acceptance by the Client of the terms of this Agreement, its annexes and integral parts is the date of registration (creation of an account) of the Client in the "EasyGet" mobile app. 6.2. The contract may be changed by the Contractor without any special notice to the Client. The only correct version of the Agreement is posted in the "EasyGet"mobile app. Continuation of the use of the Services after the change of the current terms of this Agreement, which will be posted in the "EasyGet"mobile app, will be considered as the Client's consent to the changes and additions. 6.3. The current Agreement posted in the "EasyGet"mobile app cancels the previous Agreement. 6.4. The Contractor has the right to unilaterally terminate the provision of all Services if the Client violates any of the terms of this Agreement. 6.5. If the Client provides incorrect information about himself or the Contractor has serious reasons to believe that the information provided by the Client is incorrect, incomplete, inaccurate, the Contractor has the right to refuse the Client the use of its Services, in whole or in part. 6.6. The Contractor has the right to terminate the provision of Services if the Client causes damage to the Contractor or third parties by indirectly violating the terms of this Agreement. 6.7. The Contractor is not responsible for notifying or not notifying any third parties of the termination of this Agreement and for possible consequences arising from such a warning or its absence.
  6. OTHER TERMS 7.1. By concluding this Agreement, the Client automatically agrees to the full and unconditional acceptance of the provisions of the Agreement, its annexes, its integral parts and tariffs approved by the Contractor, and other terms of the provision of Services published in the mobile application. 7.2. The Contractor reserves the right to unilaterally amend this Agreement with prior publication in the mobile application. 7.3. Customer gives the Contractor the right to process their personal data, including personal data placed in the database of the Contractor (without further notice to the Customer) to implement permanent storage of data, its storage, update.
  7. INFORMATION ABOUT THE PERFORMER UTEC USA LLC, Address: The United States, New Jersey, 07876, 18 Hunter street, Succasunna Email:
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